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Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material Cure Fast - PSA-10

Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material Cure Fast - PSA-10

  • Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material Cure Fast - PSA-10
Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material Cure Fast - PSA-10
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PERFLEX
Certification: FRANCE A + | CE | RoHS | GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: PSA-10
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Plastic Double Tube | Paper Box/pieces
Delivery Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 20million pieces / year
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Polyaspartic Polyurea Certificate: France A+, CE, Rohs, ISO9001
Operation: DIY By Caulking Gun Package: 400ml/pieces, 20pcs/carton Or 12pcs/carton
Application: Bonding The Stone, Marble, Quartz Joint Other Name: Stone Adhesive, Bonding Adhesive, Bonding Sealant
Feature: Super Good Bonding, Odorless, Non Sagging, Colored Curing Time: 15min, Totally Cured In 24h
High Light:

Polyaspartic Polyurea Stone Bonding Material


ISO9001 Stone Bonding Material


15min Cure Stone Bonding Adhesive

Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material, Cure Fast - PSA-10


PREBOND E-80 is a bi-component epoxy adhesive, made of high-tech polymer epoxy resin, hardener, high-grade pigments and additives. It is pre-dosed automatically thanks to the cartridge where it is packaged. Part A and part B are located in two separate pipes, using the special nozzle-mixer together with the caulking gun with two pistons, the correct dosage of the components is obtained. Regular polish and matt colors series are available.

 Environmentally Sound Stone Bonding Material Cure Fast - PSA-10 0

PREBOND P-80 is developed for bonding marble, stone, granite, quartz and ceramic, for external and internal use.



  • It has high bonding strength, excellent physical properties such as non-sagging, tear/scratch/wear/chemical resistance.
  • Quick dry and suitable working time that save the time of the fabrication procedure.
  • Colored grout that can fit the color of marble, stone, etc perfectly.


Testing Item Resin A Hardener B
  Appearance    Semi-fluid liquid   Thixotropic paste
  Blend Ratio(by volume)    A : B = 1 : 1
  Solid Content   100%
  Specific Gravity   1.11
  Odor Grade   3
  Chromatic Aberration △E   ≤1.5
  Working time(25℃*min)   40 ± 5 min
  Gel time in bulk (25℃*min)   20 ± 5 min
  Hardness(Shore D)≥   55
  Colloidal fluidity after blending   Thixotropic fluid
  Bonding Strength/MPa   ≥5.0
  Wear Resistance (750 g.500 r)/g   0.030
  Sagging after blending   No sagging
  Tensile Shear Strength/MPa   Standard condition   ≥5.0
  High/low temperature switch   ≥3.0
  Water absorbent 25℃24 hour(%)   <0.2
  Waterproof / 24h   No change
  Chemical Resistance / 2h   No change
  Stain Resistance (Vinegar, soy, oil)/ 1h   No change

  Testing condition: 21-25℃,relative humidity 45-55%. Constructed by caulking gun.

1. After the mortar solidified, the joint of marble, tile, stone, etc must be cleaned, dried.
2. Use cleaning wax on both sides of the joint beforehand, pay attention not to wipe wax into the gap.
3. Twist the tube cap, install it on the head of the double-tube sealant, cut the spiral rubber nozzle obliquely at the head by 45 degrees (the opening size depends on the size of the tile seam), and then install it in the caulking gun.
4. Extrude about 20 cm colloid (in order to mix it fully and remove bubbles), then inject the glue into the joint that should be bonded
5. Press the ready glue on the joint surface with with the pressing plate.
6. After 3-6 hours (depending on the temperature), the glue cures completely, scrape off the excess glue on both sides of the gap with a scraper.



400ml per plastic cartridge, 28 Cartridge per carton.

Shelf life at 24 months if stored at 18-25℃ in ventilated and cool stock without direct sunlight. In case of the extra environment, please test the product before using it.
1. Read the technical data sheet and security data sheet for further information.
2. Construction temperature is suitable in the range of 15-30℃, too low temperature will affect the curing time and strength.
4. Do not touch or move if the glue is not completely cured.
5. After use, the remaining glue can be put on the cover and can continue to use.
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