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Indoor And Outdoor Tile Grout Non Yellowing RoHS Verified

Indoor And Outdoor Tile Grout Non Yellowing RoHS Verified

  • Indoor And Outdoor Tile Grout Non Yellowing RoHS Verified
Indoor And Outdoor Tile Grout Non Yellowing RoHS Verified
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PERFLEX
Certification: CE | RoHS | GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: P-30
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Plastic Double Tube | Paper Box/pieces
Delivery Time: 7days
Supply Ability: 20million pieces / year
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Detailed Product Description
Material: Polyaspartic Resin Polymer + High-grade Pigments And Special Additives Color: Glitter | Bright: Dark Jade, Mountain Rock Grey
High Light:

RoHS Verified Outdoor Tile Grout


Non Yellowing Outdoor Tile Grout


Waterproof Indoor Poly Tile Grout

RoHS Verified, Indoor And Outdoor Tile Grout, Non Yellowing


What's best tile grout materials? How will it be if we apply high-tech polyaspartic protective materials in tile grout. What is the polyasparitc materials?
Nowadays in tile grout market, epoxy cement grout, epoxy cartridge grout, water-born grout, silicone grout, etc can't keep the color durable, especially non yellowing for ever, after grouting 3-6 month, the white and light color must be yellowing gradually, the apperance looks old and ageing. Espcially it can't be cleaned to be new again. Furthermore, no any products can be weather resistance, so that the tile grout for balcony, pool, roof, exterior wall etc outdoor places will become cracking and chalking gradually. Now Polyaspartic P-30 can figure out all issues.




Polyaspartic is premium anti-corrision and waterproof materials, that pass anti-QUV 4000h testing with no color change, usually polyaspartic materials apply in concrete and metal surface protection under terrible environment like windmill, heavy duty machine, offshore platform, rail concrete protection, swimming pool and roof waterproof, etc. It has super adhesion to tiles, ceramic tile, marble.


Perflex Polyaspartic Tile Grout P-30 is a two-component polyasparitc joint grout, made of high-tech polymer polyaspartic, isocyanate hardener, high-grade pigments and additives. It is a semi-fluid liquid, packed into two-component plastic cartridge packaging, it can easily operate by automatic caulking gun. It’s 100% solid content, zero VOC, non-toxic materials that can be cured under low temperature above -25℃.  Polyaspatic Tile Grout P-30 is a revolutionary new product to be non yellowing, no cracking and chalking, super weather resistance, named " Grout King". What is the polyasparitc materials?




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Places to be used


Perflex Polyaspartic Tile Grout P-30 is suitable for bonding, filling and beautifying the joint of ceramic tile, marble and stone building materials such as ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile wall, washbasin, bathtub, toilet, kitchen table, door-crossing stone, etc. Especially P-30 is the best choice for balcony, roof, etc outdoor grouting.

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1- Super weather resistance and QUV resistance, the grout outdoor under the sunshine won't be chalking and the color won't be fading and yellowing forever.
2- Tile Grout P-30 is slightly elastic film, it can endure more terrible temperature sticking firmly in the ceramic tile seam, which avoid the grout peeling off and crack.
3- Tile Grout P-30 can be cured itself under the pretty low temperature even minus 35 degree, therefore P-30 is a products that do not being affected by temperature.


Excepting those particular feature, Polyaspartic Tile Grout P-30 has all features as epoxy tile grout P-20, like It has luster, rich, natural delicate color, such as gold, silver, pearlescent, especially white and black color is significantly higher than tile grout, which brings better overall decorative effect to the wall. After solidification, the surface issmooth like porcelain, which can be scrubbed together with ceramic tiles. It is anti-mildew, stain resistance, waterproof, that can make the ceramic tile seam "never turn dirty black".

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1- After the mortar solidified, the ceramic tile crevice must be cleaned, the impurities and dust in the ceramic tile crevice must be cleaned up with wallpaper knife and vacuum cleaner.

2- Use cleaning wax on both sides of the gap beforehand with proper amount, pay attention not to wipe wax into the gap.

3- Twist the tube cap, install it on the head of the double-tube sealant, cut the spiral rubber nozzle obliquely at the head by 45 degrees (the opening size depends on the size of the tile seam), and then install it in the rubber gun.

4- Extrude about 20 cm colloid (in order to mix it fully and remove bubbles), then inject the glue into the crevice of ceramic tile.

5- Press the ready glue on the crevice with with the seam press or steel ball.

6 -After 4-24 hours (depending on the temperature), the glue cures completely, scrape off the excess glue on both sides of the gap with a scraper.                           




Sales Team | Marketing | Customer Service

Perflex customer service team has rich application experience offering customer professional suggestion of the color choose, dosage, guides customers how to operate Perflex innovated tile grout , tile grout sealer and functional coatings, especially provide satisfied after-sales service to customers, they always organise training webinar online or in our distributor site, collect users feedback and transfer to R&D. Perflex marketing team works closely with the trend of the market, they build Perflex brand and maintain all social mediea to expand the popularity of Perflex brand.

Perflex international service department has 6 overseas sales, two of them are chemical bachelor degree, and four of them are international trade bachelor degree, all of them have been engaged in chemical industry for more than 2 years. They set up Perflex global distribution system, guide distributors exploring their market and manage the healthy development of the global market.

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