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Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling

Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling

  • Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling
  • Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling
  • Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling
Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling
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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PERFLEX
Certification: CE | RoHS | GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Model Number: P-20
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Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer


Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof


Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Easy Tilling

Perflex P-20 Super Bonding Stain Free Waterproof Sanded Tile Grout Sealer High Hardness Non-discoloration Anti Bacteria


P-20 TDS Epoxy Grout.pdf | P-30 TDS Polyaspartic Grout.pdf Download


- If you are householder, have you boring about mildew and bacteria come from the joint gap of ceramic tile, the appearance looks dirty, ageing, it very hard to clean. Traditional cement grout has short service life, If the grout in tile joint is exposed for a long time, it will become black and dirty, long-term humidity will mildew and grow bacteria endangering the health of family members. You need ask worker to clean your ceramic tile floor and wall in short time, the stain hides in the seam and difficult to clean. Even epoxy cement grout is very hard to mix and construct.

If you are a tra ditional tile grout construction worker, are you tired of hard, complicated and messy working? Mix the grout, scrape time seam filling by tile grout, and clean it hardly again and again.

- If you are a traditional tile grout distributor, are you worried that the profit of traditional tile grout is too low and the business is difficult to continue?


PERFLEX Tile Grout is a revolutionary new product perfectly solve all the problems of traditional cement-based grout such as fall off, get mould and dirty, bacteria breeding inside ceramic tiles joints. Through the product cost of PERFLEX innvoated grouts is higher than common cement grout, the comprehesive cost is much lower, following cost comparison chart verified it that all data comes from tiler.


Why is Perflex cartridge tile grout an amazing grouting way to reform the traditional epoxy cementitious mortar? Two component epoxy or polyaspartic packed into the cartridge with blending spiral nozzle, the grout is squeezed out evenly by caulking gun. Say goodbye to mess grouting work, you can DIY by yourself easily. Perflex Tile Grout can solve the problem of simple color, easy mildewed, easy dirty, not waterproof and hard to construct problem. It has excellent properties such as wear resistance, super toughness, good decoration, anti-mildew, color stable, waterproof, easy to clean, easy construction, etc. It is widely used in ceramic tile/marble floor and wall for bathroom, kitchem, living room, hotel lobby, hallway, etc.

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Tile Size Dosage


1MM Gap Width


1.5MM Gap Width


2MM Gap Width


2.5MM Gap Width

(sq.ft/pc) (sq.ft/pc) (sq.ft/pc) (sq.ft/pc)
31.5*31.5 in 274.5 228.2 213.1 152.8
15.7*31.5 in 204.5 172.2 161.5 114.1
23.6*23.6 in 204.5 172.2 161.5 114.1
19.7*19.7 in 172.2 143.2 134.6 95.8
11.8*23.6 in 153.9 129.2 118.4 85.0
15.7*15.7 in 137.8 114.1 107.6 76.4
11.8*11.8 in 102.3 86.1 80.7 66.7
7.9*7.9 in 68.9 58.1 53.8 37.7
3.9*3.9 in 34.4 29.1 26.9 19.4
2.0*2.0 in 17.2 14.0 11.8 9.7
It has high bonding strength, excellent physical properties such as non-sagging, tear/scratch/wear resistance. After curing, it is super anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, stain resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, colorful, durable, smooth as porcelain, hard as diamond, natural as sanded cement, easy to clean, etc. The construction is very simple and convenient
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Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling 3Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling 4Stain Free Sanded Tile Grout Sealer Waterproof Easy Tilling 5


Advertising Support


1- PERFLEX has professional marketing team to take responsibility for the creating&maintaining website for our distributors,meanwile the advertising articles are continuously published on relevant social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Insgram,Youtube to guide ender customers to expand the popularity of PERFLEX valuable products and brand.

2- Various promotionl activities and trainings are held from time to time online to promote the PERFLEX valuable products and brand by video, article or online live.

3- Marketing videos like application, project, testing, operation, cusotmer feedback etc will being launched monthly, this helps

distributors attract more comsumers know PERFLEX products and brand.


Strong Market Support


1- Along with PERFLEX R&D technology reasearch and innovation, PERFLEX will continue to develop and launch new high value products, distributors will have absolute advantage in the market.

2- Free advertising materials (catalogues, posters, poster display), all these materials will be shipped together with your orders. This help Distributors save the advertisement cost and achive more efficient advertisement.

3- PERFLEX will attend relative exhibition show worldwide to help distributors expand PERFLEX product promotion, or PERFLEX will attend the exhibition show or marketing activity that held by distributors to asist them expand business.

4- PERFLEX will provide certain quantity tools kit and color chart for free attached with certain quantity orders. Distirbutors will abtain certain annual discount if purchase quantity reach certain amount.

5- PERFLEX will provide free professional online training and guidance for distributors, or our engineer will travel to distributors city hold training or we invite distributors study in China.


Strict Market Protection Terms & Conditions Support


1- The cooperation agreement will be signed between PERFLEX and distributors, prohibit cross-regional operations and the dumping of goods, our regional manager will supervise and manage market acitivity continuesly. Therefore, the benefits of distributors and ender consumers are strictly guaranteed, distributors can get rid of vicious competition and benefit well from our cooperation.

2- PERFLEX will transfer all customers to our distributors in their region, include online customers through PERFLEX online shop: www.tile-sealer.com

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